Gove Astronomers

What Do We Do?

GAA aim to make astronomy accessable to the community’s of NE Arnhemland with regular public Astronomy nights. These nights are run by club volunteers to share the delights of the night sky with all who want to look.
For members of GAA we conduct additional astronomy nights, special interest events, Astronomy camps and more.


We have our very own ‘dark sky site’ exactly 1.3km off the bitumen past the northern end of the airport .runway (Dhupma Rd), where we hold the majority of our regular star gazing nights (as shown on the Google earth map on this page).
On viewing nights we signpost directly out the front of the site, so we’re hard to miss!  The site has a well maintained smooth ground surface and ‘park style’ concrete tables and chairs for convenience.

We often host events in or near town as well, including on Hindle oval, the golf club and even in the town centre occasionally.


Dry season: We usually meet monthly during the dry and more often as special astronomical events are forecast such as the passing of a comet etc.

All Public events are advertised through the local paper, radio, IGA Noticeboard and via email.

Wet season: Our meetings are less regular due to weather restrictions however when the sky is clear the atmosphere is much clearer and therefore often a more rewarding viewing experience!

Who comes to viewing nights? 

Whether you’re just curious and want to come along to have a look or if you have just purchased yourself a new scope and want to learn more, or if you’re a bit of a whiz and want to come share your knowledge, all are welcome.


The objectives of our Association are to “encourage people with an interest in astronomy to get to know each other, to share their knowledge, enthusiasm and equipment, to promote astronomy as an interesting field of study for pleasure and as a science, and to provide educational and entertaining astronomy-related experiences to children and students alike, appropriate to their level of understanding. Our viewing nights and special events are all focussed on education and pleasure.

Benefits of Membership. 

As well as extra newsletters, special interest events & in depth astronomy, an SMS service for those Ad Hoc nights during the unpredictable wet season weather,  the Association has a range of assets available for loan or hire, including ….

An “Astroscan” 4 inch Travel Scope (ideal for camping trips)

A Meade 4″ reflector, Ideal for setting up in the backyard and learning the night sky at your own pace.

Safe solar telescope, ideal for introducing young kids to Solar Astronomy.

Kids Needs Kids Furniture

Kids Needs Kids Furniture

Many parents provide separate rooms for each of their children. Each child will need to have kids furniture that is right for their needs. A kid who likes to read may want to have at least one and possibly more bookcases in the room. Kids who play several sports needs to have kids furniture that has lots of drawers where they can store things such as balls and bats when they are not in use. If there are two kids in the room that is shared by each child, each kid should have a dedicated space in the room that is all about meeting their personal needs as they grow up. Effective planning makes this process easy on parents.

A Bookcase

Bookcases are highly useful kids furniture. They make great places to store all sorts of books including school books and library books. Having bookcases in the room also encourages children to embrace reading. Kids who are surrounded by books in their own homes are more likely to grow up to be kids who love to read. When looking for bookcases, look for bookcases that fit in well with the rest of the Incy Interiors kids furniture in the room. Contemporary styles allow for many types of bookcases that can easily fit a growing collection the kid can use even when they head off to university. Good bookcases also often have decorative elements such as neatly painted fronts and lovely details.

Varied Types of Seating

Seating is another type of kids furniture that kids need in any room. There are many types of seating to pick from today. Kids are smaller than adults. They appreciate seating that is scaled to their needs. Children love seating that is smaller so they can easily reach the ground even when seated. A child will also appreciate seating that allows several friends to sit in the room at the same time. Children can invite friends over to their room for a tea party or to spend time studying for an important school exam. Well chosen kids furniture seating makes that possible in any kid’s room.

Elegant Storage

As kids grow, they typically have more items they need to have around. A kid may be taking several subjects in school including a foreign language, math, sciences and art. Each subject may have accompanying books and a notebook that the kid needs to have on hand each day. Kids furniture Incy Interiors can make it easy for the child to remain organized as their school career progresses. The kid can use storage spaces to keep track of the school work they need to complete each term. Parents can help the kid to stay on top of their school work with well chosen storage items. They can buy items such as chairs that have extra compartments that let them store the items they need when they come home from school and retrieve them as they get up. A well-organized child is a child who is likely to do well in school.

Superb Kids Chairs

Ways to Pick Superb Kids Chairs

Don’t ever let peer pressure force you to make choices that aren’t in line with your identity. If you’re not comfortable with a choice, that’s not good news. There are so many parents lately who are swayed by the opinions of others. Don’t be one of those individuals. If you’re trying to decorate a lovely and cosy bedroom for your child, you need to be at the helm of the project. That means that you shouldn’t simply copy other peoples’ choices. You need to think about kids chairs that line up with your specific child’s aspirations. You need to think about kids chairs that make you feel 100 percent comfortable. Don’t use your hard-earned cash on Incy Interiors kids chairs that simply look stylish. Don’t use it on chairs that are part of the latest trends and crazes, either. Chairs serve purposes that are invaluable and because of that deserve a lot of attention.

Parents often make a major mistake any time they shop for kids chairs. That mistake is fixating on price. Your aim should never be to buy the cheapest and most economical chair around. That can actually end up costing you a lot more cash in the long run. Chairs that are cheap and flimsy tend to break down on a frequent basis. If you don’t want to have to pay for exorbitant chair repair, you should concentrate on options that are of A1 quality. It’s crucial to remember that chair replacement can cost a substantial sum, too. It’s never worth it to buy chairs that aren’t properly made. Amazing craftsmanship should always be one of your biggest requirements. Top craftsmanship can also make you feel good about any chair’s security and safety levels.
Hugo settee
If you’re excited about kids chairs that are safe and reliable, then you need to be serious about checking out reviews on the Internet. There are so many comprehensive online reviews that detail chairs and how they operate. They talk about chair materials, functions, features and overall craftsmanship. A parent may write about a child’s positive or negative reaction to a specific desk chair. He or she may discuss whether the chair helped or hurt his or her studying efforts as well. It’s vital to be thorough. Don’t read chair reviews exclusively on certain sites. Read them all. You don’t want to miss out on accessing information that can potentially be helpful.

Kids chairs from appear in many incredible colours and styles. You should ask your child to tell you which colours he or she loves the most. You should ask him about any style and design wishes he has as well. Kids get a lot of pride out of taking part in the designs of their living spaces. If you want to give your child a nice feeling of ownership, you should be sure to involve him in the chair selection journey.

Kids chairs can accommodate all sorts of things. They can be superb for avid readers. They can be just as superb for kids who adore lounging around.

Top Quality Kids Beds

Purchasing Top-Quality Kids Beds

People all need to concentrate on getting sufficient nightly rest. Inadequate amounts of sleep can be detrimental to people of all age groups. It can harm adults who need to be alert for driving, work tasks and beyond. It can hurt children who need to be energetic and active for their school days as well. If you’re currently looking into choices in kids beds, you can feel relief. Options in kids beds that are on the market right now are genuinely plentiful. If you’re determined to browse kids beds that are worth your effort, then you should be able to experience a lot of success. The key is to be able to make intelligent and well-rounded purchase decisions. That’s always the key, too. Buying a bed for a child in many ways isn’t too different from purchasing one for an adult.

Buying kids beds at doesn’t have to feel like a puzzle or maze. You can begin the process by assessing the way your child sleeps at night. Ask yourself various important questions. Is your child a restless sleeper? Does he or she sleep like an angel? Being able to answer these questions should make a fine starting point. It can help you eliminate certain bed options as well. This can come in handy for saving your time.

If you’re on the lookout for exemplary choices in kids beds, then you should analyse physical components in striking detail. Talk to your child’s pediatrician. The doctor may be able to offer you strong insight. He or she may be able to give you invaluable details that pertain to your child’s growth patterns. He or she may be able to help you pick a bed that can cater to your child’s support requirements as well. Parents who want to pick beds that can lead to optimal and comfortable growth should always get advice from doctors they trust fully.

Concentrate on bed size. Parents who want to find the greatest choices in kids beds at need to stress the value of bed size. Children are all different weights and heights. It’s vital to invest in a durable bed that can cater to their individual body types. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying a bed that’s too narrow. You don’t want to make the mistake of getting one that’s way too short, either. Both problems can lead to disastrous results.
Sybilla bed - single
Bed appearance also counts. If you want to find kids beds that will surely delight your child, you should pay a lot of attention to appearance. Don’t simply go for the first bed you find. Beds for children need to be functional and dependable. They also need to be good visual matches for your child’s bedroom. If you want your child to love sleeping and being in his or her bed, then you have to guarantee that he or she appreciates its looks as well. Young people tend to be attracted to things that are visually memorable. They’re a lot like adults in that way.

How To Save On Baby Furniture 

How To Save On Baby Furniture

When anticipating the arrival of your beautiful offspring, it’s normal to get bogged down by the seemingly endless amounts of money you’ll soon be shelling out on baby furniture. While these reservations are unreservedly justified, they’re no less pleasant. Adhering to a budget-friendly shopping trip is doable, but you’ll need to arm yourself with sufficient tips and tricks before barrelling ahead. Before embarking on your baby furniture journey, avail yourself of these pearls of wisdom.

Budget Wisely
The cardinal rule of savvy shopping is cementing a reasonable budget. Deciding how much you’re willing to spend beforehand will make the trip to the checkout line far less daunting. For your sanity’s sake, consider creating financial restrictions that complement your lifestyle. When a predetermined quota is set, you’ll find that the process is significantly streamlined. What’s more, it’ll help weed out extravagant and nonessential purchases.

Buy Unfinished Baby Furniture
While buying unfinished Baby furniture by Incy Interiors warrants labor, it’s undoubtedly a more cost-effective alternative. Unfinished baby furniture retails for significantly less, allowing soon-to-be parents to spring for additional items that weren’t initially on their radar. If you don’t fancy yourself a handyperson, instructions for finishing the furniture come included in the package.

Think Long-Term
Buy baby furniture intended for adults or adolescents. Your baby certainly won’t know the difference, and the furniture still serves a utilitarian purpose. What’s more, you won’t have to budget for additional furniture when your newborn blossoms into their youth. More importantly, you can even rationalize spending a few extra bucks on a dresser if you’d like it to stand the test of time.

Scour The Market For Deals
When the holiday season comes, retailers are champing at the bit to entice clientele with savings. Even if you aren’t in full swing of your pregnancy, there’s no harm in purchasing products early. With that said, leap at every opportunity you get to shop for bargains.

Take Advantage Of A Baby Registry
Thank goodness for the tradition of baby registries. If you’re fortunate enough to have friends and family who are willing to partake in this ritual, you are undoubtedly lucky. Baby registries present an excellent opportunity for loved ones to come forth with their generosity. Consider placing essential yet relatively inexpensive items on your baby registry that won’t put others out.

Luxuries Are Unnecessary
Unless you have the funds to buy a dresser with ornate knobs and additional storage space, it’s best to stick to the basics. While these features are eye-catching, they don’t make the baby furniture at Do away with inessential purchases by buying only what’s necessary.

Clover Bunk

Buy A Reasonably Priced Crib
While it’s imperative that you don’t skimp on the quality of your crib, you don’t need to buy one that has three zeros tacked onto the price tag. A simple crib that fulfills safety requirements is all that’s necessary.

New Baby Furniture

baby furniture

Bringing home a baby is a wonderful time in a parent’s life. Parents plan for the arrival of a baby for nine months. During this time, part of their planning includes finding the right kind of baby furniture. Many parents will find they needs at least several items. This will include a place to change the baby both during the day and during night when the baby wakes for a feeding. It also includes baby furniture that lets the baby have a warm place to sleep free of drafts during the colder weather and protected from the heat during the height of summer. Additional items may include specifics such as bed that can be used once the baby is mobile, artwork, and storage space for things the parent needs to tend to the baby such as clothing and nappies. A parent may also want a rocking chair to help them get the baby back to sleep late at night.

Right From the Start

It’s a good idea to start thinking about baby furniture once the pregnancy is into the second trimester. At this point, the parent can start thinking about the kind of Incy Interiors baby furniture that most appeals to them. Some parents have relatives who are happy to give them their older items. However, many parents prefer to have new things for their baby so they can make a fresh start. Many parents have a specific kind of baby furniture in mind before they even go shopping for it.

Practicality is Also Important

Caring for a baby is a lot of work. A parent, even a new parent, may be aware that the baby will have many news. The right kind of baby furniture can be found at Keeping a baby clean is much easier when the parent has the things they needs such as baby powder on hand during the day. Effective storage makes it easier to keep the baby happy. A parent may have many presents they get after the baby is born. Good storage lets the parent keep the items the baby really likes on hand at all times.

Stylish Items

While practicality is important, the same can be said of style as well. Good style is important for today’s highly stylish parents. The best possible baby furniture for most parents will include furniture that has a sense of color and design. Well designed items not only look fabulous. They also make it easier to care for the baby. A rocking chair that has well designed lines allows for easier movement in the baby’s room. A cot that can be lowered or raised in accordance with the parents needs yet also have a great deal of style to it, is one that parents can use for the first baby and other babies to come. This makes it easy for parents to pick out furniture that will continue to serve their needs and the needs of their children for many years as their family continues to grow.

Georgia cot

Kids Furniture

kids furniture

Kid’s furniture can take many forms. When planning a room with kid’s furniture, it is a good idea to take several factors into consideration. A good room for a kid is one that is decorated with their needs in mind at all times. A kid needs to have kid’s furniture that lets them do all the things they need to do all day. For example, a kid wakes up in the morning and heads to school. That kid needs to have storage space so they can easily grab the items they need to get changed quickly, grab their school bags and then head out out to school on time and with all they need to do well in class that day.

Room For Growth

All kid’s furniture should ideally allow for growth. Kid’s change a great deal in a short time. A small child can quickly become a larger kid with needs to match. This is why the best possible Kids furniture by Incy Interiors allows for such growth. When a child has the furniture they need as they grow, they will have their personal needs met in the room. Think about items that can be changed as the child grows. For example, kid’s furniture that changes from a crib a large bed can be ideal. This allows the parent to have the right items for the kid’s room without the need to rush out and find new furnishings in the aftermath of a child’s sudden growth spurt in their teens.
Georgia cot
Planning Ahead Now

This is why it is a good idea to plan ahead. The ideal kid’s furniture makes that much easier. A bed that can be expanded into a larger bed is good. The same thing is true of other kinds of furniture. Look for items that are also very sturdy. A good set of drawers should hold up even after very long years of use. Look for items that can be easily opened and closed. Examine the furniture closely. Items that look good are often very well designed as well as highly functional. The best design will combine both elements of form and function in the same piece.

Truly Timeless Style

Another aspect of purchasing great kid’s furniture is buying items that have a specific style. For example, contemporary modern styles often have highly clean lines that please the eyes. A set of pieces that have such lines can help show off the kid’s personal sense of style as well as retain value over time. Well chosen pieces in any room are pieces that will look good no matter the time when they are purchased. Parents can provide guidance for the kid to help them pick out such styles. A parent can offer much needed suggestions about how to create a look in the child’s room that will look great even as they child continues to grow. This is one of the great gifts that a parent can give a kid as they grow: great items they will always love.